8 Surprising Facts About Arroyo Grande

People often consider visiting well-known tourist attractions in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco while overlooking other beautiful locations like Arroyo Grande in California. The City of Arroyo Grande has so much history that many people don’t know about that would amaze them. Learning about Arroyo Grande will allow you to find interesting facts and beautiful tourist locations that will be perfect to visit in the near future.

The City of Arroyo Grande will treat you with great hospitality but you might also hear some ghost stories that will have you on the tip of your toes. Klondike Pizza has been serving Good Times ‘n Good Grub since 1988 in the downtown heritage building. But, did you know that it is also known for its hauntings? Yup! This delicious pizza parlor has a friendly ghost. Klondike Pizza isn’t the only place in Arroyo Grande with ghosts either. There have been ghost sightings at the Pitkin Estate on Valley Road too!

One of California’s only swinging bridges is located here in Arroyo Grande! Over time it has been reconstructed to protect people from any dangers while crossing but it was originally built with little support. Celebrities, like Harriet Quimby, have been attracted to the Central Coast and have considered Arroyo Grande to be home.

Have you ever thought about creating your own ice cream flavor? Well, at Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab in Arroyo Grande guests have the opportunity to create an ice cream flavor that can potentially be added to the menu for the community to try. Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab also dedicates a day where all proceeds from sales go towards a college fund that helps its employees attend college.

Check out these other fun facts about Arroyo Grande:

  1. Arroyo Grande is known to be haunted, including one of the pizza parlors in town.
  2. If you get caught in a traffic jam in Arroyo Grande, it might be because of the roosters.
  3. Arroyo Grande has the only swinging bridge in California (The original was built in 1875 with rope and no sides).
  4. The 1st American woman to earn a pilot’s license was Harriet Quimby and she considered Arroyo Grande as her home.
  5. You can create your own flavor at Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab and if it’s a winner they’ll add it to the menu.
  6. Mason Bar & Kitchen focuses on the local eats and is recognized for delivering 25 beers on tap.
  7. Arroyo Grande’s Talley Vineyards has been around for nearly 30 years, delivering the finest wines to the people.
  8. If you see dinosaurs roaming the coastal hills don’t be surprised because that’ll mean that you’re in the right place.