Getting to Arroyo Grande from Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and home to almost 4 Million people. When wanting to get out of the city, Arroyo Grande is the perfect escape for that. Arroyo Grande is located in the heart of the Central Coast. Just minutes away from beautiful beaches, Lopez Lake, award-winning golf courses and wineries. San Luis Obispo is a 10 minute drive away, while Pismo Beach is only 5 minutes. It is the perfect town to vacation at when you want to get away from your daily city routine. Sometimes it is tricky to find the perfect way to get to Arroyo Grande. The three common ways to reach this beautiful city by: train, plane, or car. If you are travelling from Los Angeles below are common routes, airports, train stops and locations for your convenience.


By Train

A trip on the train would be the perfect method of transportation for someone who does not want to drive, or is afraid of flying. A train ride might be the longest of the three methods, but it is one of the most relaxing options. You can sit back and enjoy the scenery up the Pacific coast, and rest before arriving to Arroyo Grande. Since Los Angeles is a big city, not all of the train stations have been listed. Some of the train stations to depart from Los Angeles include:

  • Los Angeles – Union Station
  • Los Angeles – Westwood Station
  • Van Nuys Station – San Fernando Valley
  • Chatsworth Station – San Fernando Valley

Arroyo Grande is located minutes away from other Central Coast cities. We mentioned this because there aren’t any train station in Arroyo Grande, but there are a few nearby. Some of the stations where you can arrive at before reaching Arroyo Grande include:

  • Grover Beach Station – Approximately 10 Minute drive to Arroyo Grande
  • San Luis Obispo Station – Approximately 20 Minute drive to Arroyo Grande
  • Santa Maria Station- Approximately 20 Minute drive to Arroyo Grande

By Plane

Flying to Arroyo Grande from Los Angeles is also an option. Flying has limited options compared going on the train, but it is the fastest way to get there (approx. 55 minutes). The airports that you can fly from include:

  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Bob Hope Airport

Arroyo Grande does not host an airport in the city; however, there are a several airports nearby that are driving distance to Arroyo Grande. Those airports include:

  • Santa Maria Public Airport District – Approximately 25 Minute Drive to Arroyo Grande
  • San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport – Approximately 20 Minute Drive to Arroyo Grande

By Car

Lastly, the driving route. Driving tends to be the the most common method of transportation. The mileage that you can expect to accumulate in your drive to Arroyo Grande can range from 155 to 180 miles depending on your departure from the Los Angeles area. Driving to Arroyo Grande can be done from a couple of different routes. The most common route being the 101 North Freeway. Depending on where you are in Los Angeles will will determine the freeway(s) that you will take. Some of the locations and freeways include:

  • Located in West LA: Highway 1 (CPH) and then connect to 101 North Freeway
  • Located in Burbank: 5 North, connect to 118 West, connect to 23 South which connects to 101 North
  • Located in San Fernando Valley: 118 West, connect to 23 South, 101 North
  • Located in Hollywood/ Downtown: 101 North