Play Pokémon Go in Arroyo Grande

Pokémon Go has taken the nation by storm. Pokémon Go players use the augmented reality app, which uses the mobile GPS to transform a user’s real world into a Pokémon catching obstacle. The ultimate goal of Pokémon Go is to make gamers travel around the real world as they continue to add new Pokémon characters to their collection. That is why the city of Arroyo Grande formally invites residents and visitors alike to participate in catching Pokémon while exploring the beautiful classic Central Coast of Arroyo Grande, California.

What better place to search for Pokémon than Arroyo Grande’s gorgeous vineyards, breathtaking Pismo beachside, and lively downtown? Take tourism to exciting new levels while exploring the vintage countryside of Arroyo Grande using Pokémon Go. The Pokémon Go app features an in-game map of Arroyo Grande which has been marked with PokéStops – convenient spots located in notable real-world places such as downtown Arroyo Grande – and hints to where extra Pokémon may be lurking.
The Pokémon Go app further engages players by featuring different types of Pokémon in different locations throughout the day. Stop by Pismo Beach in the morning to discover nautical, water loving Pokémon characters which exclusively reside by the ocean. Turn your summer beach day into a Pokémon Go adventure while taking in the salty air of Arroyo Grande’s Central Coast. Come back to downtown to pick up more hidden Pokémon characters while treating the family to scoops of famous Doc Bernstein’s Ice Cream or while kicking back for a hand-crafted meal at the Ember Restaurant.

Find more grass or bug type Pokémon characters while picnicking at the Lopez Lake Recreation Area located just east of Arroyo Grande, CA. Use Pokémon Go to further explore the lush hiking and biking trails located in the canyons of Lopez Lake. Catch a rare aquatic Pokémon while boating or fishing along the invigorating fishing grounds once inhabited by the Chumash Indians. Or even pick up a few wryly winged Pokémon while bird watching within the ancient oak trees and flowering plants. Over 150 species of birds are located within the beautiful Arroyo Grande park, but how many Pokémon can be found living among them?

Whether you are looking for a long day of golf at one of Arroyo Grande’s many award-winning courses, such as the Cypress Ridge Golf Course or the Avila Beach Golf Resort, or looking to enjoy an evening of wine tasting and watching the sunset at vineyards like DePaola Winery and Toucan Wines, you are also sure to find a Pokémon Go adventure. Some people may come to Arroyo Grande to dine, sip, and stay, but with Pokémon Go taking the city by storm, Arroyo Grande invites you to play. Game on.