The California Central Coast is home to some of the best weather around. Great weather opens the door to a vast amount of outdoor activities. It sometimes gets difficult to find a location or locations to host these outdoor activities. Lucky for you, Arroyo Grande has local parks open for an endless amount of outdoor activities. Sporting events, picnics, family gatherings, and BBQ’s.

Arroyo Grande ParksSome of the parks that are located in Arroyo Grande include:
  • Heritage Oak Park
  • Strother Community Park
  • Elm Street Park
  • Rancho Grande Park
  • Health Fitness Park
  • Hoosegrow Park
  • Kingo Park
  • Tierra de Oro Park
  • Hart – Collett Memorial Park

Each of these parks is different from the other and they offer different experiences. For example, Heritage Square Park is at the heart of the village beside Arroyo Grande Creek. You can have lunch, listen to music at the bandstand or just enjoy the quiet of the park and relax. Strother Community Park is also next to the Arroyo Grande Creek. It includes three large barbecues and they can be reserved in advance. You can play horseshoes, softball, basketball or volleyball to keep busy. This park is ideal for almost any family activity. Elm Street Park has a volleyball court and playground. Next to the Soto Sports Complex, its barbecue area is located and it accommodates 75 people and can be reserved in advance. Rancho Grande Park has two play structures, a basketball court, horseshoe pits and open green space, which is perfect for the whole family. Health Fitness Park is located behind Arroyo Grande Hospital and features exercise stations, jogging trails and a heart-rate monitor. Hoosegow Park overlooks the village and is home to the City Jail built in 1910. Kingo Park has a small tot play structure, picnic tables and barbecue grills. Tierra de Oro Park is a small neighborhood park with a sand volleyball court. Hart-Collett Memorial Park near downtown has tables and benches so you can enjoy the colorful beds and trees.

As mentioned previously, each park is different in it’s own way. They all offer certain services that set them apart. The park that you choose to visit depends on your planned activities. You can’t go wrong with any choice as all these parks allow you to enjoy the unbeatable Arroyo Grande weather. Plan your trip to a local park today!