01 Jan 2017
January 1, 2017

Restaurant Month in Arroyo Grande


January is a very busy month for many people as they may be going back to the gym for their new year resolution, going on trips, or simply just focusing on being a better person overall. For the food industry all restaurants are busy for a whole month, especially Arroyo Grande! Restaurant Month begins in January and is a month in which everyone can go out and to eat without worrying about a plate being overpriced, because hundreds of restaurants across the nation will be having a bargain-priced menu. It all began in the year 1992, when two friends, Joe Baum and Tim Zagat, came up with restaurant week. It started off being only 4 days and was created for the 15,000 reporters that were in town covering the Democratic National Convention in New York. Twenty-four years later Restaurant Week has become a very popular tradition in the restaurant industry, going from one week to one whole month.

Why would many restaurants participate in lowering their prices? Well, restaurants have noticed that there are long term benefits that you can gain during Restaurant Month, meaning that it’s not only a win for the customers but its’s also a win for all restaurants.

Arroyo Grande has been continuously evolving in their foods and drinks over the past years and the best time to celebrate this culture is during Restaurant Month! So click here to check out all the restaurants located in Arroyo Grande and you can simply plan a trip out there to get the full experience during the month of January or whenever you have time for a trip that may be full of food, sweets, activities, and fun. January is the start of a new year, so treat yourself to some delicious dinner or take your date out and take advantage of the deals, while saving some cash for some sweets or wine.