Microbreweries and Beer Tastings

The California Central Coast is home to beautiful beaches, wonderful weather, and charming cities. Whether you live in the Central Coast or are vacationing here, you can always find activities and events in the area. Beer tasting in the Central Coast is a fun and new alternative to wine tasting. Lucky for you, Arroyo Grande happens to be in a prime location. It is minutes away from breweries and tasting rooms that are located in San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, and Santa Maria. If you have not visited a Brewery or Tasting room before, then these are some of the things you should expect on your first trip. Delicious beer, fantastic finger foods, and a great atmosphere.

Wine Microbreweries open up your world to a vast array of local beers and flavors that are not available at every restaurant. These select beers are sometimes only offered in the Brewery or tasting room itself. Some of these brews may often go from being local to the mainstream market. Take the Firestone Walker Brewing Company for instance. Their beer was initially only offered in its tasting rooms and then branched out to cities in the 805 area. Customers’ positive reviews of Firestone beer resulted in the expansion from 805 area code to all of California.

The Figueroa Mountain Brewery is another local brewery in the Central Coast that has gained popularity over the years. They recently opened the Figueroa Mountain Brewery Arroyo Grande Tap Room, which is one of six tap rooms in the Central Coast. The Davy Brown Ale, Lizards Mouth IPA, Danish Red Lager, and the Figueroa Mountain 101 are among Figueroa Mountain Brewery’s most popular offerings. Each Figueroa Tap Room has unique appetizers like the Lizards Mouth IPA Hot Wings, Parmesan Tots, Avila Fish Tacos. There are other breweries that are within driving distance from Arroyo Grande such as the Santa Maria Brewery, Pismo Brewing Company, SLO Brew, Firestone Brewery, Central Coast Brewery, and Tap it Brewery.

  • Pismo Brewing Company is located in Pismo Beach and it is only a 6 minute drive from Arroyo Grande.
  • Santa Maria Brewery is only a 15 minute drive from Arroyo Grande.
  • SLO Brew, Central Coast Brewery, and Tap it Brewery are all located in San Luis Obispo and are approximately 20 minutes from Arroyo Grande.
  • Firestone Brewery, located in Paso Robles, is approximately a 45 minute drive from Arroyo Grande.

Tasting Rooms or Breweries are a way for you to break from the usual Bar and Grill restaurant. The menu’s are made simple and compatible to go with beer on the side. They have a different atmosphere than your usual restaurant. And did we mention that you get to try locally brewed award-winning beers as well?  Next time that you are looking for an activity to do with friends, family, or even a date then add Beer Tasting to your list of options.

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